Hello friends!

Thank you all for your interest in the free and virtual WBECS pre-summit. Many of you have signed up. Once registration is closed and I have received confirmation, I will announce the winner of the free pass! If you already actively shared and encouraged others to participate, don’t forget to let me know, so I can add you to the raffle. If you have not registered yet for the summit, you can still do so here: https://coach.wbecs.com/wbecs-2020/a12737.

I will get back to my regular posts soon as well. The next post will most likely be a fun tool you can use when you help others make decisions more effectively.

And we still have plenty of space for the next Foundational Coaching Skills Training (FOCOS), starting in September. Your help in encouraging your colleagues and friends to join would be wonderful. As there is more apprehension and uncertainty now, we will be prepared to run the training fully online in a live but virtual format if needed.

Have a great week!

Let’s love people well through our conversations!