Introduction to Coaching Workshops

Many organizations and businesses have discovered: implementing a coaching approach into their leadership development strategy is a critical component to increasing self-leadership and the ability to remain focused on what matters most.

Implementing a coaching approach requires a high commitment, one that is worthwhile. You should know what the costs will be: not only financially, but in the time it takes to develop and implement a proven strategy that leads you towards accomplishing your mission.

I offer a couple options, so you can explore and develop a strategy that fits your organization and context.

  • Introduction to Coaching: a 1 or 2-day in-person workshop. Your leaders, managers, and staff will observe and practice skills which they, in turn, can implement immediately in their work relationships and beyond.
  • Coming in late 2017: Developing a Coaching Culture (Webinar). Learn what it takes to develop a strategy and plan to move your organization towards implementing a coaching approach. A coaching culture increases your staff’s motivation, focus and problem-solving ability. More gets accomplished but not at the cost of your people. Rather, they accomplish more because they know they are valued as unique individuals whose contribution is critical.


If you’d like to explore this, contact me so we can set up a meeting over Skype: