To increase your personal impact as a leader or multiply your organization’s impact in the work you are doing, the Foundational Coaching Skills Training (FOCOS) is an incredibly effective, hands-on course, as over 400 leaders have experienced. The program is offered each year in: Europe (in English & Spanish).

Imagine the difference coaching could make in the staff and leaders in your organization!

Join the next cohort and enjoy a relationally rich environment with other mature leaders who are bringing coaching to their organization and context.

Upon completion of the FOCOS program, you receive a certificate of completion and 60+ coach specific training hours which you can use, after meeting additional requirements, to apply for an ACC credential with the International Coach Federation through their portfolio path. 

Where can you take FOCOS?

FOCOS Europe 2022 – We’re open for registrations!

Important Dates:

  • Program start: exact starting date to be determined. Most likely September 15, 2021 (on-line teleclasses & personal coaching sessions)
  • In-person intensive workshop: January 24-28, 2022
  • Important Update: due to Covid-19, the onsite workshop in Budapest might not occur as a week long in-person event. If gathering and traveling is still too greatly impacted by Covid, the intensive workshop will be facilitated online again! This makes participation even easier as you don’t have to consider traveling and saves you money as well! The training remains equally effective as we have just experienced with two cohorts who completed the intensive in January 2021.
  • Program concludes on September 14, 2022, or 1 year after program start.

Program Information & Application:

  • Download the course’s brochure here. (this brochure will be updated with more details due to Covid-19 – please inquire where you have questions)
  • To apply, click here.


  • Non-profit applicants: Early bird tution: $1,197.- apply by May 31, 2021
  • Non-profit applicants: Regular tuition: $1,397.- if you apply after May 31, 2021
  • Application deadline: June 30, 2021 (late applicants will be considered via a waiting list)
  • Participants who are not working in non-profit contexts: $1,897.-
  • Additional food & lodging costs for on-site workshop in Budapest
  • Note: all fees include a non-refundable $30.- administration fee and $300.- non-refundable down payment (=$330.-).

For other locations & FOCOS programs, please contact us here or contact the following lead trainers about their program options:

FOCOS ESP (in Spanish, held in Barcelona): Patricia Clewett, PCC. Contact her here.

FOCOS Cru (for Cru staff, Eastern Europe): Lynn Kessler, CMI master coach. Contact her here.

What past participants are saying about FOCOS:

”I recommend this program because it includes theory and lots of practical application. It also gives skills that are essential if we want to develop leaders and empower them to take responsibility and initiative.” (Regional leader)

“I cannot think of an area where I’m not using what I am learning! I am listening better to my wife and kids. In leadership I have used coaching skills in one to one, team, teaching and large group contexts. Also in evangelism and personal reflection.” (National leader)

“For leaders it is always a challenge to cut out time for themselves, because there is always so much work to do. There are two good reasons why I would recommend this training to leaders especially:
This training has provided great input for myself and equipped me to work more effectively with the people I lead. I got a lot of work done during the onsite-workshop because during the practice sessions my peer-coaches coached me in moving 5 of my projects forward.” (Regional leader)

“I have personally benefited a lot from receiving leadership coaching and it has been a key way to both recognize and see real change take place in my life and leadership, especially during a season of much transition. I also have seen how I am growing in these skills which is helping me to better serve the people I work with and am investing in .” (Regional leader)

“This is the most time effective and thought-through training program I have ever participated in. Not one moment is left to chance. In a very short time the participants hear, see and experience skills and are led to apply them right away. I walk away with a sense of confidence that I will be able to do this when I get back home.”

“A hands-on training which prepares you on a practical level to start coaching and boost your confidence in walking it out through feedback from trainers. You’re ready to be launched after this training.”