Great news!

The ICF has released the updated PCC markers that correlate with the updated core coaching competencies model.

As with the core competencies they have streamlined them. The result is reflected in the 37 behaviors in comparison to the previous 47. You can view and download them from the ICF here.

These markers help you reflect on your coaching behaviors and to what extent you are masterful, to discover strengths and areas for development. They help you stay on track!

If you’re a coach, I encrouage you to familiarize yourself with them. The ICF has also released the French, German, Portuguese and Spanish translations.

And if you want to go deeper in your understanding and how to practice them as a coach, you can do so by joining the next ICF mentor coaching group, starting on February 1, 2021. There are still a few more spots open. Even if you are not yet sure about pursuing an ACC or PCC credential, you will greatly benefit from this three month practical process. You will see yourself improve and serve your clients more effectively.

Don’t miss the early bird discount of December 1, 2020! For more info go here.

If you have questions, I’ll gladly respond! Contact me here.


What others are saying about the ICF mentor coaching group:

“It offers you the opportunity to be coached and mentored by an excellent coach AND also to work with peers who are experiencing many of the same issues as you. We’re all in the same boat together, often, so that really helps build confidence and awareness, and a sense that what I am learning or struggling with, “it’s not just me’.”  –  J.B. Professor, Entrust”As a coach,

Wolfgang stimulates self-discovery and self-learning as we debrief after peer coaching sessions.” –  E.F. Coach & Coach trainer

“If you want a fast-track “mirror” in which to view yourself as a coach, mentor coaching will provide that.”  –  K.M. Sr. Director of Global Programs/visionSynergy


Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels