In many cultures there are protocls and customs when I visit someone. I do not just barge in, unless invited. Where it is customary to take off my shoes or sandals, I do so when I enter. We might hug, kiss, bow or shake hands.

Conversations are similar.

  • I am either invited in or I can ask for permission to enter.
  • Metaphorically speaking, I might do well in taking off my dirty shoes: biases, judgments and leave my ego at the door and enter as an equal. 
  • Instead of a kiss or hand shake, what would create trust and allow for the relationship to be safe, or a space for vulnerability and closeness?

I enter aware that God has already been at work. I am not the first. Nor the last.

I enter someone else’s story with respect and wonder, to simply be present. I can find myself on holy ground where I better walk barefoot and tread with care. When I do, the wonder-ful can emerge, even in confusion, pain or difficulty. Hope can emerge. And courage: to keep stepping forward into the unknown.

When I leave, I do not want the footprints of my ego to be what is remembered. Rather, I want the footprints of God walking with the other become visible and remembered.

Next time we enter a conversation: let’s take off our ‘shoes’! It is a good habit.


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[Photo Credit: by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]