The Pause…

Something so small. 

Something so significant. 

It can be full of calm. 

Or full of tension. Anticipation. 

A critical accent in musical composition.

The pausing of many so that one can be heard. 

The pause to take a deep breath. 

The pause before you emphasize something.

The pause to take a break from a task. 

The pause to stop in order to see what has been accomplished.

The pause to zoom out and see the fuller picture.

The pause to get perspective. 

To think. To feel. To hear.

The pause to enjoy a moment. A flavor. A smell. A sight.

The pause between two days, to rest, to rejuvenate.

The pause of plants during winter. 

The pauses at work to have a coffee with colleagues. 

The pause to meditate and pray.

So critical to create the space for pause so that what matters most can be seen and heard and brought to awareness.

God paused. “And he saw that it was good.” Genesis 1.

Where are your pauses?

Where are you missing them?

Where in your day do you need them more?

Where you have pauses, what do you fill them with?

Just to be where I am. 

Or to be with THE “I AM”.

If you’re a coach or leader, where do you create pause for another to be heard and seen?

Enjoy experimenting. Create pause!

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