2021 has begun.

What will your next move be to stay sharp as a coach?

Why not consider the following! 

Over the years, many beginner and advanced level coaches, have consistently made comments about how helpful and beneficial it is to observe professional coaches coach and learn from their masterful coaching.

Therefore in 2020, I started the first ‘Reflective Practitioner Coaches Community’ (RPCC for short). And because it was so well received and has proven to support coaches at various levels of experience towards becoming more masterful, the RPCC will continue in 2021!

Three PCCs and one MCC (who you really don’t want to miss) will ‘showcase’ their coaching! Not only will you learn from their expertise and style in the first hour of each call, you will benefit from reflective practices and discussions in the second hour with a fantastic group of colleagues.

For more information about who the guest coaches are, dates, costs and how to received a discount, check here.

Participants who attend all 4 calls receive 8 CCEs which can be used for applying for or renewing your ICF credential. The two optional calls do not qualify for CCEs.

Don’t delay to register and take your ‘game’ to the next level with like-minded professionals.

Got questions? Email me here.

Wishing you all a really good 2021!



Last year’s participants said the following about the RPCC:

About the coaches’ demonstrations:

“They were fantastic! So helpful to learn from someone actually doing it. Great variety of guest coaches. So enriching and encouraging!” LU, Life & Leadership Coach, Colombia

“Well chosen coaches letting us listen to their expertise in coaching was a highlight.” EG, Life Coach, Switzerland

“Interesting, provoking, intriguing!” PC, PCC, Spain

“Challenging, inspirit, practical!” RL, Life & Leadership Coach, USA

“Very freeing to experience how different coaches due their strengths and personalities coach in different ways while remaining true to core principles and competencies.”

“The live coaching demos gave opportunities to hear and experience great coaches at work.” RL, Life & Leadership Coach, USA

“Watching other coaches work gives me confidence in what I am doing. I am relaxing in my style.” PC, PCC, Spain

About the reflective practices:

“Every coach, from the most experienced to the newest beginner will grow as they to learn to evaluate and reflect on their practices. There is no better place to learn to do that than in this group of supportive and connected peers.” LU, Life & Leadership Coach – Colombia

“Important impetus and practical aid in our continuing learning, especially for coaches who are only ‘part time’ due to other work demands.” JP, Life Coach, Norway

“Be a part of a community of coaches who will challenge you to keep growing and developing your skills as a coach.” NH, Life & Marriage Coach, Canada

“to keep me focused on learning, creating a context to interact, reflect with others and practice.” CD, PCC, Romania

“I recommend the RPCC to others because this keeps you developing in your coaching skills. Being  involved in a “coaching community” is a safe environment where you learn, make mistakes, improve and keep you going as a coach.” AK, Life Coach, Slovenia