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As coaches we provide a reflective process for our clients towards deeper or new awareness that results in change. Therefore we need to be engaged in our own reflective process about our self, as well as about our practice and mastery as a coach. Reflection is crucial.

Who you are is how you coach, or lead, or live!

The RPCC is a group of coach practitioners who are committed to their own development and growth towards more masterful coaching. The depth of our own growth and development impacts the depth and impact our coaching has with our clients.

The main purposes of the RPCC are:

  • To observe masterful coaching: learning from their style, techniques, skillfulness, way of being present, and more.
  • To learn reflective practices for our own coaching. Reflection is critical for our continued development towards mastery.
  • To provide a consistent process and space among colleagues.
  • It does not replace mentor coaching or coaching supervision.

The ICF recently updated the core competencies model and added a new category related to the ‘being of the coach’, emphasizing the importance of a coach ‘embodying a coaching mindset’. 7 of the 8 sub-points relate directly to the coach’s work on themselves!

  • engages in ongoing learning and development as a coach
  • develops an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s coaching
  • remains aware of and open to the influence of context and culture on self and others
  • uses awareness of self and one’s intuition to benefit clients
  • develops and maintains the ability to regulate one’s emotions
  • mentally and emotionally prepares for sessions
  • seeks help from outside sources when necessary

The RPCC will provide a space and environment for this.

Four (4) 2-hour calls in 1 year, starting Mondays in early March, 2022 (exact dates will be announced soon!). The calls will take place 16:00-18:00 Budapest time (10am-12pm Eastern US time). The other three calls with guest coaches are scheduled for early June, mid September and early December.

The first hour of the call focuses on observing and then learning from a ~30-minute coaching demo. The coaching is modeled each time by an experienced coach. You will learn from different coaching styles.

The second hour is split into two parts: 

  1. Implementing effective reflective practices with a peer: you bring an issue from your current coaching and your peer helps you effectively reflect and gain awareness and action on your insight. Then you offer the same for your peer. 
  2. Developing reflective practices, best practices for coaching, sharing learning and a space for Q&A. Sharing and learning from our own reflective practices where you develop your own approach and practices that suit you and enhance your coaching.

Two (2) additional 90-minute calls to strengthen reflective practice. These two calls are schedule for late April & late October, 16:00-17:30. 75% of last year’s respondents’ feedback stated that they would have liked 2-6 more times to meet and to have more time for reflective practice. These two calls are spent in reflective practice primarily as well as discussion around what we are learning that strengthens our reflective practice. Please note that these two calls DO NOT have a guest coach and also DO NOT qualify for ICF CCEs. 

Group size is not limited. If there is too much interest, I might offer two groups. I will do my best to accommodate more challenging time zones, but cannot promise. The suggested time for the call should be considered possible for you before you apply!

You will receive 2 CCEs with the ICF for full live attendance of each 2-hour calls with a guest coach. A total of 8 CCEs are awareded for attending all 4 calls with a guest coach.

March 8 – Deni, PCC

It is a joy to have Deni join us and offer her expertise. Deni is a very experienced coach. Her demo will include working with the ‘clean language’ approach.

About Deni:

Deni has been a certified coach since 2010. She’s worked with people from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, She often uses pictures, combined with a fairly limited assortment of questions to help people gain new insights into their lives. Her compassionate, supportive, non-judgement and encouraging nature is evident in each of her coaching conversations.

Deni has certifications in brain-based coaching, strengths coaching, career coaching, and health coaching. She’s also a DISC consultant, a personal brand analyst. In addition she’s a member of the John Maxwell team.


June 7 – Marion Franklin, MS, MCC, BCC, author

It is a real privilege to have Marion join us! We will listen to a 15-minute section of one of Marion’s recordings with a client which powerfully demonstrates coaching presence, powerful questionining, direct communication and creating awareness. Marion will facilitate a discussion and learning around creating a shift and direct communication, demonstrating what mastery looks like! We encourage you to purchase her book (link below). It is one of the best books on coaching.

About Marion:

An MCC since 2006 and a PCC since 1998, Marion currently teaches her unique ACSTH program, Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success, emphasizing masterful coaching skills. Marion’s book, The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching was written for coaches at all experience levels. She created and facilitates ongoing weekly group Mentor Practicums, “Coach with Confidence,” offering certification preparation, mentor requirement, CCEUs.

Marion mentors and prepares coaches for the ACC, PCC, or MCC certification with a 100% success rate thus far. Her wisdom and insight are evident through her e-book/audiobook, Life’s Little Lessons and CoachCamps audios.

Marion maintains individual coaching clients and is in demand for her laser-focused approach and direct style of coaching. Marion has been interviewed on television for her coaching expertise, has been a featured presenter, and was cited in The Wall Street Journal.



September 13 – Lynn Kessler

Lynn Kessler, PCC, FOCOS Master Trainer

More about Lynn to be posted

December 6 – Kevin Stebbings

Kevin Stebbings, PCC

More about Kevin to be posted

  • $97.- for the year! Applicants from majority world countries or Central/Eastern European nationalities can inquire to receive a discount.
  • A $10.- discount is given to every applicant who brings a colleague. Your colleague also receives the discount! (Past RPCC participants need to bring a new colleague.)*
  • Commitment to come prepared
  • Commitment to engage in reflective practices and learning

To receive the discount, you and your colleague must apply seperately and mention the other’s name. Only 1 discount is given per applicant.

International Coach Federation (ICF) approved the RPCC for 9 CCEs (8 in core competencies and 1 in resource development).

If you join the RPCC every year, you would receive a total of 27 CCEs of the required 40 for a very low price!

Every participant receives a CCE certifcate after the last call of the year. The number of CCEs is calculated according to live attendance. If you miss an hour or an entire call, 1 CCE per missed hour is deducted from the total possible.

To apply, go here

(please only apply, if you are able to make the suggested dates and time!)

Your application does not guarantee acceptance. There will be a selection process to ensure a good match for all applicants. You will receive a confirmation after the registration deadline in regards to your application. 

Application Deadline: February 7, 2021 (late applicants will be considered)

In most simple terms: I needed it and you might as well ;-)!

  • Even if we’ve been coaching for a long time, or may be especially then, we tend to develop unhelpful practices, behaviors, mindsets
  • By developing early on reflective practices and engaging with other like-minded practitioners, keeps us on a healthy development path
  • As we practice, we recognize areas that need sharpening. Observing others coach, helps us discover and learn.
  • I keep hearing from coaches 2 consistent requests:
    • I want to observe more experienced coaches coach
    • I want a space where I can continue to process/grow as a coach, but can’t commit to the intensity of an ICF mentor coaching group. I need something consistent, but not too frequent (and not too expensive).

For all coaches who are

  • committed to not plateau
  • committed to learn and to enhance their coaching
  • committed to ask for support
  • committed to contribute learning
  • committed to develop and learn reflective practices
  • committed to truly do what we say we do in service of our clients
  • committed to reflecting on our human side and being professional
  • are new to the profession
  • desiring community with other professionals
  • credentialed or non-credentialed coaches
  • are an active practitioner. This means you work with 2-3 regular clients (who are not part of a coach training course)
  • ICF coaches wanting Continued Coach Education (CCEs) units. 8 in core competencies and 1 resource development = 9 CCEs.

“Watching other coaches work gives me confidence in what I am doing. I am relaxing in my style and reaffirming basic skills. Connecting with other coaches. I like a feeling of belonging to something bigger than myself. I think any connection with other coaches is beneficial. Learning how to reflect on your own work, as well as bring out reflections in others is a skill worthy of sharpening.” P.C. – PCC, Lanzadera Coaching, Spain

“I recommend the RPCC to others because this keeps you developing in your coaching skills. Being involved in a “coaching community” is a safe environment where you learn, can do mistakes, improve and keeps you going as a coach.” A.K. Coach, NGO team leader, Slovenia

“Being part of this group has inspired me to reach higher and helped me to gain even greater confidence but in the process of coaching. I have also grown in awareness of what is going on inside me as I coach. Hearing masterful coaches coach and then getting to interact with them in a smaller group setting was really valuable. The ‘guest’ coaches were fantastic! So helpful to learn from someone actually doing it. Great variety of guest coaches. So enriching and encouraging! Wolfgang is a master at creating a community where all feel honored, valued, and connected. This coupled with his extensive knowledge, years of experience, and gift for clear communication creates a perfect environment for great learning.” L.U. Life & Leadership Coach, Colombia

  • always coming prepared, having put everything else aside to be present when the group starts
  • bringing a topic where they are challenged in their own growth as a coach and want use reflective practices with a peer (diad) to strengthen their coaching
  • confidentiality as to what is shared during the 2-hour call
  • coming as a learner to contribute, to share learning, to support others, to be curious, to not dominate (even if you are a verbal processor), to give yourself a space after the RPCC call for reflection to capture your own learning, discoveries and implementation
  • inquiring constructively, focused on learning that benefits the group
  • receiving emails and updates from ‘Coaching & Training’ (we do not sell or share your information with others)