What a year it has been… It’s time to reflect!

I hope, as you reflect, you will gain insight for the coming year. Currently, I am pondering some of the questions below and more. I’ve carved out a consistent space weekly and monthly to gain clarity and focus.

  • Where have I grown?
  • What has been effective and fruitful?
  • What needs to end? What needs to continue? What new things need consideration?
  • Where is my potential for growth… What needs focus… ? What do I need to adjust, sharpen…?
  • What is at the core of who I am? What will that mean? How I ought to think and make decisions in the coming year(s)… ?

When I have clarity around these questions, I can say Yes! and No! with confidence. With that in mind, I am already clear about a few things I will continue. And I don’t want you (or your colleagues and friends) to miss out on the opportunities below. Feel free to forward this email or post to others who would benefit! Let’s make a deeper impact together in 2022.

Wishing you all the best in 2022!

Warmly, Wolfgang

To stay sharp as a coaching practitioner.

  1. I will continue to offer the ICF Mentor Coaching Group (apply now to still receive a significant discount), starting in February and late August 2022. Several participants received their ACC and PCC credential or are waiting for it. It’s a stretching and rewarding process.
  2. The Reflective Practitioner Coaching Community (RPCC) just concluded and will again be offered starting in March 2022. A discount applies if you bring a colleague. The feedback of how this strengthens coaches is very encouraging. Brilliant! Incredibly helpful! Useful, valuable, insightful! Valuable, enjoyable, practical! Stimulating, stretching, encouraging!

To stay sharp as a leader.

  1. I will continue to serve leaders as a coach. It’s ‘my’ main work and if I do nothing else, this is where I can give my best. Let’s connect if you see you need an effective space to pause, ponder get clarity and find courage to move forward instead of remaining stuck. Too much is at stake to wait…
  2. Too often, the conversations we have as leaders with our teams and staff are not as effective as they could be. Join the next Foundational Coaching Skills Training and learn skills of heart and mind that propel you forward.


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