Self-Leadership Competency Assessment

[callout]“He who does not know how to lead himself cannot lead others.” – Alfred Herrhausen[/callout]

SLC logoWhat is self-leadership?

Christopher P.Neck & Charles C. Manz describe self-leadership in ‘Mastering Self-leadership’ (5th Edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey 2010) as “the process of influencing yourself” in order to strengthen self-alignment and self-motivation for greater effectiveness. It focuses on the conscious and intentional activation of your mental and emotional resources and capabilities. A person who is competent in self-leadership is mindful of their goals, understands their inner processes and directs these deliberately towards their goals in order to accomplish them successfully.


Selfleadership Wheel EN with categoriesThe Assessment

The self-leadership competence assessment gives you a thorough picture of where you are strong and where you can strengthen this competence be more effective. After taking the assessment and paying the $20.- fee, you will receive an 18-page report. The report explains in detail each area of self-leadership. It shows what you need to strengthen this competence and offers some practical exercises. 

It’s proven to be even more helpful to have a follow-up consultation to explore your report. When you choose this option (a $150,- cost for a 60-90 minute session), the report is included for free. Non-profits may inquire for a discount on the follow-up consultation.

If you are interested in only taking the on-line assessment, email me here.

If you are interested in taking the on-line assessment and have a follow-up session, email me here.

[callout]“Leaders are people who are able to express themselves fully…they know who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to fully deploy their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. They also know what they want, why they want it, and how to communicate what they want to others, in order to gain compensation and support. Finally, they know how to achieve their goals. The key to full self-expression is understanding one’s self and the world, and the key to understanding is learning – from one’s own life and experience.” – Warren Bennis (‘On Becoming a Leader’)[/callout]