GPI Personality Assessment

GPI-Coach logoDetermine your Basic Personality Tendencies and Increase your Social Competence

One of the most fundamental keys to successfully living with other people: understanding yourself. This is true at home, at work or in social relationships.

The GPI® testing helps you discover yourself. You understand your own behavior and become more effective in responding to other people by increasing your social competence.

This is not a test you can fail! Rather, it explains some of your foundational beliefs as well as patterns of thinking and behavior. Understanding these allows you to develop a realistic approach to increasing your potential.

Simple and easy to understand

Due to its simplicity, the GPI® testing has been well liked and received.

The questionnaire is easy to understand and it takes only about 15 minutes to fill out. Through e-mail, you will receive a written results page as well as more than 10 pages of detailed descriptions of your behavioral tendencies in your personal life, at work, and in leadership responsibilities.


  • Simply go the following website: Click on the language you’d like to take the questionnaire in (German, English, French).
  • Enter my email address under ‘Email of a certified coach’. I will automatically be notified once you have submitted your answers.
  • The cost for the report is $40.- Upon receiving your payment, I will send you your report to your email which includes a detailed description of your personality profile.
  • A follow-up session is a very effective way to gain in-depth understanding and develop strategies to help you reach your goals. For $150.- you can schedule an individual coaching session with me to process the test results (the test is free of charge when a follow-up coaching session is requested). 

Scientific Background

Motivated by the interest to understand people, Alfred Adler founded one of the three classical schools of psychology: Individual Psychology.

With the help of Adler’s Individual Psychology, it is possible today to research human behavior scientifically and to understand it. Based on the work of Nira Kfir (Israel) and Theo Schoenaker (Germany), Coachingplus GmbH (Switzerland) developed the GPI® testing over a period of years.