ICF Mentor Coaching Group for Y coaches

NEXT GROUP/S for Y coaches?!

Pursue your ACC or PCC Credential with Confidence!

Or just sharpen your competence as a coach!

You can become more masterful!

The mentor coaching group provides the hands-on practice and feedback that ensures your growth and development as a coach and meets the required 10 hours of mentor coaching for coaches seeking credentialing with the International Coach Federation.

The mentor coaching group meets for 7 teleclasses for 2 hours each time. The group size will be limited to 7 individuals in order to maintain depth and effectiveness.

3 hours of individual mentor coaching with your trainer are an additional option (see details below).

This is the most affordable option if you are interested in pursuing your ACC or PCC credential with the ICF or want to become more masterful in your coaching and are not sure yet about an ICF credential! You have had some coaching training and want to improve your skillfulness to have greater impact.

Many coaches, and maybe that is true for you, after discovering how effective using a coaching approach is, develop habits that decrease the impact of their coaching. It’s hard to see your own blind spots. You regress. To discover your strengths and where and how to improve your skillfulness, you need feedback, hands-on practice, while developing your unique style.

You don’t need to plateau! Stay sharp and become more masterful and have a greater impact in your clients’ lives!


Comments from current participants:

“The learning environment was most valuable in that successes and failures were caringly addressed along with real-time, practical coaching demonstrations.”

“I’m learning to tune into the client and listen for what is critical to who the client is rather than getting lost in the complexity of their story.”

“Creating a space for myself before meeting with my client, prepared me to be present to hear what she was saying from the start!”

“I’m learning to be more patient and am more sensitive to the time when to ask a question.”

“The importance of lingering when establishing the agreement before clarifying the outcome. There are deeper layers that clients are asking for and are not conscious of.”

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to partner more effectively with your client
  • How to make the coaching session flow more naturally
  • How to get away from using coaching language
  • To discover your own style
  • To develop your coaching presence more deeply
  • How to work with the ‘What’ and ‘Who’
  • How to strengthen the coaching agreement
  • What makes questions (more) powerful
  • What might be more critical than powerful questions
  • Why coaching presence might be your trump card
  • How Coaching Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning & Direct Communication flow together.
  • What ‘having a coaching mindset’ means
  • And more…

What you can expect to receive:

  • 7 live group sessions over 3 1/2 months (or longer): in the first part of the call, we deepen our understanding on 1-2 core competencies. In the second part of the call, one participant coaches another and receives feedback; shared learning from observations.
  • Gain a deeper understanding and improve your ability to effectively coach all 11 ICF core competencies (and the Updated Core Competency Model).
  • Practice coaching for 30 minutes with a peer on the live group call and receive immediate feedback from your trainer and peers. Group size will determine how often you practice on the live call.
  • Optional: 3 individual mentor coaching sessions with your trainer (these need to be completed during the program) at additional cost.
  • You will gain confidence and competence and see greater impact in your conversations with your clients.
  • Certificate for CCEs you can use for your ICF credential or credential renewal application.
  • Access to the 40+ page workbook and other downloadable unique resources from ‘Coaching & Training’
  • The program meets the ICF requirements of the 10 hours of mentor coaching required for ACC credential applicants or ACC credential renewal or PCC credential applicants (if you sign up for both the group teleclasses and individual mentor coaching calls).
  • Use the 7 group hours and 3 individual hours of mentor coaching for your ACC or PCC application with the ICF.
  • The program qualifies for up to 12 CCEs. You will receive documentation that states how many group mentor coaching sessions you used for mentor coaching and how many CCEs you will receive. For example. If you use 7 hours of group mentoring for your credentialing, you will receive 5 CCEs. If you only need CCEs, you will receive up to 12 CCEs for taking the program.
  • Documentation for 7 group mentor coaching hours (or up to 10 hours of mentor coaching if you signed up for the 3 individual sessions).

Are you ready to uplevel your coaching skills?


  • Around 50+ hours of coaching training (FOCOS qualifies)
  • Around 50+ hours of logged coaching hours (less for current FOCOS participants)

Additional requirements:

  • 7 group calls must be attended live, voice-to-voice. Missed sessions cannot be made up. However, can be substituted for one-on-one sessions with the trainer at additional cost.
  • If opted in for the 3 individual hours/sessions, these need to be scheduled directly with your trainer and completed within the time frame of the program.


  • Wolfgang Jani, PCC
    • ACC & PCC assessor
    • Certified Mentor Coach
    • dipl. Coach SCA


The starting date and teleclass dates will be determined according to sufficient number of applicants (maximum number per group is 7 participants). 

The time of the teleclasses will be determined prior to program start. Time zone accommodation is considered as well.

The length of the mentor coaching group is 3+ months.


$400.- for 7 teleclasses (includes $150.- non-refundable down payment, due 1 week prior to program start). 

$150.- for 3 individual mentor coaching sessions with your trainer (not required for joining the group, but required for ICF credentialing). The emphasis during these calls is listening to one of your recorded coaching sessions and receive more in-depth feedback on your coachingand discover strengths and areas of development from the feedback. You determine which recording/s you want to work on.

Total: $550.- $500.- if you sign up for both options above.

Note: Total regular price is $1,297.-

Go here to register by March 31st!

Cancellation & Refund Policies

  • A non-refundable down payment of $150.- is to be paid via bank transfer after accepting the quote/invoice.
  • Withdrawal from the program prior to start: your payment (minus the non-refundable down payment) will be applied to joining the next group (next group’s prices will be higher).
    • 0% refund: from program start
  • If the minimum number of participants is not met, the program might be cancelled or delayed. A full refund is then offered or the possibility given to join the next group (your down payment will be applied to the next group you transferred to).


If you you have questions, contact me here.