To be fully present to what the other needs, I need to (be)come ‘empty’.

Holding on, creates tension or obstructs.

Emptying myself gives freedom to be with.

An empty space invites curiosity and creativity.

A full space hinders to hear and see.

An empty space is broad, wide.

Empty does not mean nothingness. Rather it’s like

an empty canvas revealing what the artists sees and creates.

A space for what was first un-seen, or un-heard.

So, I become….

  • Empty of my desire to impart, to give advice or to fix.
  • Unattached to my intuition or offers.
  • Not needing to know or understand everything.

I let go of…

  • wanting a successful conversation.
  • creating a breakthrough.
  • my ambition or expectations.

I (be)come. Empty.

I come with curious anticipation and wonder. To hear, to see, to observe, to ask, to be present. To simply serve with empty hands, fully present.

To let the master fill the canvas.

What is your best kind of empty?

Ta ta, till next time.

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