This month, former ICF President and multi best-selling author, Marcia Reynolds will host a complimentary masterclass called Keys To Breakthrough Coaching.

Join Marcia LIVE and learn how to:

  • Quickly Establish Trust And Safety – Understand the critical role your emotions play in establishing trust and safety throughout a coaching session
  • Be Emotionally Present – Get strategies for monitoring your emotional reaction and tools for shifting back to the 4 key emotions
  • Practice Compassion – Experience the difference between interrogating and compassionate curiosity. Go beyond being supportive to artfully challenge your clients’ thinking
  • Create Lasting Change – Learn how to receive emotional reactions from clients with non-reactive empathy, helping your clients see themselves and their world in a new light – effectively changing the neurological makeup of their brains forever 

What you learn you can implement in your very next coaching engagement!

Register for the Keys To Breakthrough Coaching Masterclass now

If you’re interested, I recommend that you sign up right away through the above referral link. Coach training sessions like these often reach full capacity quickly.

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