Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions

Mentor Coaching is for all who have gone through at least 50 hours of coach specific training and desire to become more masterful in using coaching competencies and increase their confidence as a coach. It’s also very helpful to leaders and managers who are integrating more of a coaching approach and want to sharpen coaching skills: being observed and receiving useful feedback greatly accelerates learning and implementation (why invest large amounts of money on a coaching program for yourself or your leaders, when you don’t receive feedback when the training should make a real difference: in the implementation!).

If you’d like to explore what a mentor coaching process would look like, schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation through the link above.

Written Feedback Report

I also offer to coaches seeking to be credentialed, a written feedback report covering all 11 core coaching competencies as defined by the International Coach Federation. For seeing the comparison between the three main credential levels and their descriptions, check here.

You will need to submit a 30-minute recording of an actual coaching session with a client and a full word-by-word written transcript of that session. Confidentiality of the content is assured. Please make sure you have your client’s permission to submit the recording to me. The detailed report will help you sharpen in the areas that are of greater concern to pass a credential. A follow-up mentor coaching call is recommended. Contact me for pricing.