I love what I do! 

I’m Swiss and for many years lived overseas in various cross-cultural contexts together with my Minnesotan wife and three children.

During a rather challenging season in life, I began exploring coaching as a possibility. I had seen the impact of one-on-one conversations, but I had never pondered making this a primary focus in my work. What would it look like if I partnered more with leaders through this approach? What difference would it have when coming alongside someone who is working through challenges and transitions? What impact would it have in leadership development?

I had never seen how coaching worked as at the time it primarily existed in the business context. What impact could this approach have for cross-cultural workers and ex-pats? 

In 2007 I enrolled in a vocational thesis program through a Swiss Coach Training Institute. A couple years later I received my diploma through the Swiss Coaching Association.   

I loved, though being a novice, that this approach made a real impact on the leaders I worked with. One of them said after the second session: “Why haven’t you always worked with me like this?”.

Around that time I was asked to develop a training track for leaders to learn foundational coaching skills. In partnership with CMI we developed the FOCOS program to serve these leaders.

Little did I know what difference such a simple approach would have. I am grateful to my colleagues for pioneering this together. It brings deep and lasting change for leaders, their families, and teams.

Since then, I’ve been working with many leaders as a coach and coach trainer. As coach training has become a high interest from leaders and organizations, I keep honing my skills as a professional coach and mentor coach. I find myself on a continuing learning curve.

I believe that the Judeo-Christian worldview reflects reality.  I believe that true spirituality grounds us in being human. Our lives, in all the ups and downs, have meaning. We often learn more from mistakes and challenging seasons are foundational for our development to reach our full potential. Yet, experience does not necessarily help us learn. We need to reflect on and evaluate our experiences in order to learn. Thus, to make important changes, deeper conversations (s.a. coaching) give us the needed space for discovery and learning.

It is my hope that we create relational environments where we can be vulnerable and open. Then it becomes easier to find courage and empowerment to make significant changes. 

It is my hope that more and more organizations implement a coaching approach as it will significantly impact the depth of development of their staff and leaders and move them more effectively forward in their mandate.



For those wanting to know my coach credentials & certifications:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.33.04 PM


   Dipl. Coach SCA (Swiss Coaching Association)



     ICF member coach




             Master Coach & Trainer with CMI


Certified Mentor Coach through ‘Beyond Models’. Marion Franklin, MCC (an ICF approved mentor coach training)


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