What would be possible for you in 2020 if you took more regular time for Reflection & Action?

At the end of every year, I spend time reflecting on highlights, challenges, learning, letting go of unnecessary issues and engage with setting meaningful goals for the coming year.

I really benefit from revisiting these goals on a regular basis throughout the year, and make adjustments. It’s in these times of reflection, where I create a space for silence, I pay attention to what is there, to what is going on, in order to discover, learn and act upon my discovery.

Reflection is crucial, because WHO you are is HOW you lead, or live or coach!

Reflection requires setting time aside (sometimes more, sometimes less) to pay attention to what is actually going on, internally and externally. It’s a process that should not be rushed.

Reflection can be by ourselves (thinking, journaling, drawing, doodling, walking, etc.) or in a focused conversation with someone we trust. Do what works for you!

In coaching, where an important emphasis is on learning and making important changes in one’s life, I have found the following three principles helpful both in an individual conversation and the coaching process over months. These principles are not exclusive to coaching. They are helpful for anyone who desires to make a change and recognizes that sustainable change comes from regular reflection to deepen your awareness before you move towards action.

I hope you will find this a helpful process.  Download the free tool below and use it this year as you make important changes in your life and work. 

What benefits would you have if you to take regular time for reflection in 2020 in the areas that are important to you? So, when you look back in December, you have seen significant progress in areas

  • where you were stuck or plateaued, 
  • where you had moved from resignation to acceptance of what cannot be changed,
  • where you live more fully to succeed at being who you are, being who God made you to be,
  • where you have reached goals that seemed impossible
  • and more!

Download the FREE Triple-A Tool here.

A Brand New Opportunity for Coaches!

If you are a coach, you know that we tend to reflect more on our coaching when we first ‘learned the ropes’. Then, being more experienced, we coached more but reflected less. A lack of reflection often leads to developing unhelpful or even ‘bad’ habits and impacts the coaching negatively or makes it less effective. But we’re unaware. We have our blind spots or think as long as our clients are satisfied, we’re doing great… That should not be so!

Therefore, I’m starting the ‘Reflective Practitioners Coaching Community’ (RPCC) starting on March 2, 2020. We will adapt the Triple-A process for reflective learning as coaches and support one another towards more masterful coaching.

For more information about the RPCC and to apply, go here. If you don’t want to stagnate but grow as a coach and make your coaching more effective, consider joining!

Even if you can’t join, I encourage you to take these three principles and write out questions that you find helpful and adjust your reflection process over time, be it for your personal growth, development as a leader or as a coach. 

Don’t wait another year! Make 2020 where your make significant progress on what truly matters. Make 2020 a year where your coaching becomes is more effective, where you as a coach become more masterful. You and those you work with will notice the difference.

The Triple-A process: Questions for Reflection & Action


Download the Triple-A Tool here.