How could we increase our influence in conversations? Last week’s post focused on developing skills in order to have a greater flexibility in how we influence others in our conversations in particular, from being ‘directive’ to ‘self-directed’. In today’s post, I want to look at some of the benefits of leading with this influence style. [If you have not yet taken the ‘Influence Style’ questionnaire, you can still do so here. Note: the questionnaire is currently unavailable and not available until some time in 2019]

7 + 1 Benefits Of Leading With A Self-Directed Influence Style

  1. It increases ownership when those you work with are asked for their ideas to solve problems and overcome challenges, rather than you pushing your agenda.
  2. It taps into others’ potential as they are encouraged to think more for themselves. More innovation occurs, creativity is released. 
  3. It builds confidence when you are trusted to try something new or implement your own ideas, knowing that you are supported by your leadership and peers, rather than being told what to do and how to do it.
  4. It strengthens teamwork as freedom is given to ask colleagues for input, support and being held accountable in a healthy way.
  5. It fosters a learning environment. Continued learning takes place, as mistakes or failures are viewed as learning opportunities rather than something to be hidden or feared.
  6. It increases competence. Where on-going learning is part of how we work together, we develop more skills of heart and mind. In the process, we discover more of our strengths, gifts, and passions.
  7. We see more of what is possible. We view life, relationships and work needing development rather than needing to be perfect. 
  8. +1: as a leader, you are freed up to focus on and do more of where your passions and strengths lie rather than frequently being interrupted by others who depend on your direction.

And these are just some of the benefits.

[shareable cite=””]Influencing with a coaching approach develops more leaders and releases their inherent potential![/shareable]

Let’s create environments where deeper listening and deeper conversations are encouraged, in order to empower others to live their God-given potential!

Interested in learning or sharpening some of these skills and implement a coaching approach? Click here. Or, work with a coach for a season to sharpen skills that increase your ability to empower others.


Reflection & Action

What benefits do you see when you focus more on empowering others?

Where in your work can you shift more on releasing others’ potential?

How much of your time is focused on helping others fix their problems?

What conversations would help move your team, business or organization in this direction? What benefits would you reap?

When you see the other person as an image bearer of God, how might that influence your conversation with them?