6 MAIN Benefits:

Because of the rigorous process the ICF requires to become credentialed:

  • you will notice a sharpness in your skills where you were uncertain and coach with greater confidence
  • you will be more aware in the moment with your client and respond more skillfully
  • your conversations will feel more natural
  • your coaching will evidence deeper impact in your clients and the progress they make

These benefits are not only possible when pursuing an ICF credential, but whenver we focus on sharpening our skills or uplevel our expertise.

4 MORE Benefits:

  • other professionals trust a coach with an ICF credential more
    • because s/he can demonstrate knowledge and skill
    • because s/he is committed to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics
  • you are likely to get paid more compared to non-credentialed coaches
  • you are more likely to get hired by organizations and businesses because more and more require coaches to hold a credential
  • you might get more referrals from satisfied clients

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